The Q2S transformation process provides a one-time stipend or professional development (PD) award of up to $1500 for faculty to engage in professional development around teaching. Proposals may be submitted either individually or for a whole workshop, faculty learning community, etc. In order to qualify for Q2S stipends, PD opportunities must focus on teaching and involve sustained study around an issue related to teaching. They must include:
  1. At least 24 contact hours (projects of less than 24 contact hours will not be approved). Contact hours means interaction with other faculty/professionals regarding this topic. This could include workshops, conferences, meetings or other kinds of discussions.
  2. Engagement around a set of scholarly readings addressing the topic.
  3. Development of a product related to this teaching issue that can be shared via the campus ScholarWorks website.
Documents produced from the Enhancing Pedagogy project are archived here.


Submissions from 2019


Holliman PA 611 Q2S Training and Course Submission, Alvin Holliman

Submissions from 2018


Conversion of PA 611 Public Administration Theory and Practice, Jonathan Anderson


Project Based Learning Syllabus - CSUSB Art Department Brand Identity Re-design, Andrew Oakes