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Contemplating Death Leads To The Derogation Of Atheists
Tanya Patterson, Timothy Baum, Gia Macias, and Sarah Tveit


Triple Play
Phillip Loving


Targeting the Perceptual Hierarchy: Appropriate Feedback for Experts versus Novices
Heather Carrasco, Gino Howard, Jose Rodriguez, Amanda Bain, and Daniella Lockhart


Learning Multiple Categories Without Feedback
Arturo Covarrubias-Paniagua and Rose De Kock


Reducing Rape Myth Acceptance and Increasing Consent Education: Evaluating the Yes Means Yes Consent Approach
Lindsey Chesus, Diana Robinson, Maria Magana, Tania Estudillo, and Brenda Tellez


Infant Memory for Emotion Experienced in a Social Referencing Paradigm
Derrick Ocampo, Gemma Anguiano, and Sydney Gutierrez

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