Wisdom in Education

Volume 5, Issue 1 (2015)

Wisdom in Education is back!

Welcome to the first issue of this revived journal.

The journal was previously published from 2005 to 2008 on its own website which is no longer accessible. This revived version is housed in a much improved and more widely accessible home through Scholarworks.

We have therefore archived here previous editions of the journal.

We plan to issue Wisdom in Education twice a year on May 1 and November 1. We are currently accepting submissions for the November issue and have several in hand. So if you have an idea for an article or have completed some research that deserves to be read, please consider making a submission.

We welcome submissions from both students and faculty and our aim is to be friendly to new authors as well as experienced ones.

In the meantime please enjoy reading these first submissions.

Many thanks to those who have contributed to this issue. They include the authors of the papers and the editorial board. They also include those who have reviewed articles. The latter include the following: Marita Mahoney, Mark Darby, Krystal Howard, Kathy Howard, Susan Daniels, Daniel Stewart, Lasisi Ajayi, Sonya Scott, Aja Henriquez, Tomasz Stanek.



Why Wisdom?
Dr. Richard Ashcroft