8th Annual “Meeting of the Minds” Student Research Symposium

Best Poster Presenters

College of Arts and Letters

Mellissa Patton
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alison Petty
Title: Summer Skin

College of Education

Matthew Atherton
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eun-ok Baek
Title: The Efficiency of Using 3D Models to Teach Lifting and Rigging Concepts to Learners of Varying Spatial Ability

College of Natural Sciences

Marlee Poff
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tomasz Owerkowicz
Title: Ablation of Rostral Conchae does not affect Heat Exchange in the Upper Respiratory Tract of the Domestic Chicken

Bryan Seymour
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Erik Melchiorre
Title: The Origin of Biogenic Growths on Gold Recovered from the SS Central America Shipwreck: Implications for Geoarchaeology

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Stephen Ware
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hideya Koshino
Title: The Impact of Working Memory and Anxiety on Sustained Attention in Mindfulness Meditation

Karen Soria Cortez, Virginia Barbosa Mascorro
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Manijeh Badiee
Title: Systematic Predictors of Latina Women’s Empowerment

Best Art Exhibit

Andrea Clary
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alison Petty
Title: NCECA 2019

Aeleen Jacinto
Faulty Mentor: Dr. Alison Petty
Title: MFA Research on the Guatemala Weaver

Best Oral Presenter

Session 1

Jeffrey Chance
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeremy Mallari
Major: Biochemistry
Title: Development of Click Chemistry Probes to Investigate the Function of Falcilysin, an Essential Malarial Protease

Session 2

Jasmine Colorado
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeremy Murray
Major: History/literature
Title: Racism and Popular Culture in World War II, from Dr. Seuss to Walt Disney

Session 3

Kaylie Balvaneda
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amanda Rymal
Major: Kinesiology
Title: The Effects of Feedforward Self-modeling on Self-Efficacy Beliefs

Session 4

Melina Gonzalez
Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Chavez
Major: Psychology
Title: Utilizing Photovoice and Youth Advisory Boards: Collaborative Research to Strengthen Adolescent Empowerment

Session 5

Jeanette Jetton-Rangel
Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Marshall
Major: English
Title: The Great Oppressor: A Queer Analysis of Fear and of Silence in Carmen Maria Machado’s “The Husband Stitch” and Margaret Atwood’s “Bluebeard’s Egg”

Session 6

Ciera Hammond
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Meredith Conroy
Major: Political Science
Title: The Psychology of Political Efficacy and its Unanticipated Effect on Youth Voter Turnout

Session 7

Grecia Troche
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Julie Taylor
Major: Communication Studies
Title: World’s Best Boss: An Examination of Leadership Styles on Organizational Culture using the Office

Session 8

Amber Olson and Prince Siraj
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ismael Diaz
Major: Psychology
Title: Predicting Job Performance from Personality Displayed in Video Games

Session 9

Oscar Orozco, Henry Diaz, and David Lopez Sanchez
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cynthia Crawford
Major: Biological Psychology
Title: Ontogeny of One Trial Fentanyl-Induced Sensitization

Session 10

Ariana Dorticos and Caitlin Hazelquist
Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Skillman
Major: Biochemistry
Title: Comparing Black and White Sage in CSUSB’s Preserve: Why Leaf Traits and Temperatures Matter

Session 11

Nestor Maria
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cari Goetz
Major: Psychology
Title: Development of the Mate Expulsion Inventory

Session 12

Matthew Atherton
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eun-Ok Baek
Major: Instructional Technology
Title: The Efficiency of Using 3D Models to Trach Lifting and Rigging Concepts to Learners of Varying Spatial Ability

Session 13

Heather Norwood
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mary Boland
Major: English
Title: The Death of the Self and Agency

Session 14

Guadalupe Valdivia and Mauricio Guido
Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Winslade
Major: Educational Leadership
Title: The Development of Academic Resiliency among Survivors of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Session 15

Lindsey Sirianni
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Richard Addante
Major: Psychology
Title: Electrophysiology of Non-Conscious Memory Contributions to Free Recall

Session 16

Madeline Blua
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kimberlyn Williams
Major: Environmental Science
Title: Edaphic Factors and Invasive Annuals in Chaparral and Coastal Sage Scrub

Session 17

Lindsey Chesus
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christina Hassija
Major: Psychological Science
Title: The Intervening Relationship of Burdensomeness and Belonging on Sexual Assault Disclosure and Mental Health