The Journal of Special Education Apprenticeship


Recent legislation related to dyslexia has increased the focus on how reading is being taught in schools and how teachers are prepared to teach reading at the pre-service level. One promising teaching approach to supporting students with reading difficulties is the self- regulated strategy development (SRSD) model. However, there is limited research regarding whether the model can be implemented by pre-service teachers while still remaining effective. This study investigated the effects and fidelity of implementation of pre-service teacher implemented SRSD on the reading comprehension of middle school students identified as struggling in reading. A multiple baseline design across participants was used. Two undergraduate, pre-service teachers provided instruction. Participants were seven middle school students that demonstrated reading comprehension deficits. All instruction was provided in pairs or small groups. Results indicate that pre-service teachers can adhere to SRSD components and have a positive effect on students’ reading comprehension when implementing SRSD. Ideas for future research and implications are discussed.