The Journal of Special Education Apprenticeship


Reading difficulties are common among middle school students in the US, especially among those with disabilities. Unfortunately, there is a significant shortage of professionals (e.g., special educators) who can provide high-quality reading interventions. Small group (SG) intervention is a group instruction that helps more students in need per intervention session and may mitigate the aforementioned shortage. SG intervention packages often include various intervention components that address skill and performance difficulties. However, SG reading intervention research has mostly focused on helping elementary school students without disabilities. Also, many SG reading interventions used one-size-fits all approach which restricted individualization of error correction procedure. The current study developed a multi-component SG reading intervention package that contained individualized error correction procedures to improve the reading skills of three middle school students with disabilities. An ABAB single-subject design was employed to evaluate the effectiveness of the SG reading fluency intervention package. Visual analysis and effect size measurements indicated a strong effect on the intervention package for each participant. Implications, limitations, and future directions are discussed.