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Master of Social Work


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Dr.Rosemary McCaslin/ Dr. Herbert Shon


It is important to understand the significant factors that predict parent satisfaction of school based mental health services. These factors are vital as they can decrease attrition rates regarding treatment and can improve the overall quality of services in school based settings. The purpose of this study is to examine the predictors of parent satisfaction by utilizing secondary data acquired from the Ontario-Montclair School District. The measurement instrument utilized was a 10 question survey that included 8 Likert-style questions and one free response question. This study utilized an independent samples t-test which found that school type and language had no significant impact on overall parent satisfaction. This study also utilized a Pearson r correlation coefficient and found that length of sessions, number of sessions, information given, contact with counselor, behavioral outcome and timeliness all have significant positive relationships with overall satisfaction. Lastly, a multiple linear regression was utilized and found that the three strongest predictors of overall satisfaction were behavioral outcome, timeliness of services and information given. Findings from the study can provide social work practitioners with information on how to improve their service delivery in a school setting. Recommendations for future research are also discussed.