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Master of Science in Psychology



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Dr. Mark Agars


The current study examines the mediating role of General Organizational Means‑efficacy (GOME) in the relationships between organizational context and employee attitudes. The organizational context consists of leadership support, centralization, and emphasis on training and development; and employee attitudes consist of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and career outcomes. The purpose of this study is to reveal what contextual factors in an organization may affect employees’ perceptions of resources available and in turn affects employee attitudes. Structural equation modeling was used to analyze these relationships, and it was found that leadership support and an emphasis on training and development were positively related to GOME, and centralization was negatively related to GOME. It was also found that GOME was positively related to job satisfaction, organizational commitment and career outcomes. Additionally, GOME was found to be a partial mediator of the relationships between organizational context and employee attitudes. These findings add to the limited research on GOME and provide organizations a better understanding of what may influence perceptions of resources within an organization along with how those perceptions may be affecting employee attitudes.