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Master of Social Work


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Davis, Thomas


The purpose of this study was to explore the utilization of specialized camp services among parents of a child with a disability. This study sought to investigate specialized camp services as respite for families. The data was gathered utilizing a mixed method survey approach. The surveys were distributed to primary caregivers of a child with a disability who have attended Camp Paivika within the past three years. The sample size of this study was 69 respondents. The results show that the family unit benefits by way of de-isolation. The camper increases social skills, confidence, and independence. The caregivers experience emotional stress relief along with an increased ability to connect with other family members. The siblings of the child with a disability experience a relief of responsibilities associated with having a sibling with a disability as well as an ability to partake in family activities they may not otherwise be able to do. In conclusion, this research indicates positive familial benefits to out-of-home recreational respite services, such as a specialized camp services. Future research on the benefits will give the field of social work greater insight into the importance of out-of-home recreational respite.