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Master of Social Work


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Smith, Laurie


This qualitative study examined the obstacles in re-homing the homeless with substance use to provide an understanding of the issues and possible solutions through the lens of social work caseworkers. The method of research was interviewing caseworkers from a homeless shelter that works with the homeless population with substance use. The caseworkers were interviewed via Zoom by the researcher who provided them with questions pertaining to their work with said population. The caseworker’s answers were then coded for themes, and categorized. The results indicated that there is a need to foster trust with the homeless with substance use, in order to facilitate progress for rehoming, as well as reducing biases and increasing understanding about the connection between homelessness and substance use. In conclusion, it was determined that more shelters, lenient substance use treatment centers, and low income housing are essential in overcoming the obstacles in re-homing the homeless with substance use.

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