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Master of Social Work


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Yawen, Li


Research has demonstrated that foster parents who experience high levels of stress and frustration with the foster care agency are more likely to consider terminating their participation in foster care agencies. This quantitative study's purpose was to explore the relationship between training and foster parents’ satisfaction in their foster care agency, and between training and foster parent retention in their foster care agency. Participants completed an online questionnaire using Qualtrics software. Data were analyzed using SPSS version 21, using statistical tests including frequencies and Pearson's R. The hypothesis that training would correlate positively with satisfaction and retention of foster parents was not supported by the data. Instead, results indicated that there was no correlation between training and satisfaction and retention of foster parents. These findings could not be generalized to the general population of foster parents, so future research should explore whether social workers are currently providing adequate service to adequately prepare foster parents in caring for the needs of their foster children.

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