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Master of Social Work


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Davis, Thomas


Postpartum depression affects Latinas at a higher rate than the general population; however, Latinas often refrain from seeking mental health services due to their cultural beliefs. By examining Latinas’ experiences and perspectives on postpartum depression and how their cultural beliefs impact them. This study provides insight to increase postpartum depression awareness and mental health service seeking among Latinas. In this exploratory study, a qualitative approach was utilized in which Latinas were recruited to participate in interviews containing open-ended questions, then transcribed into transcripts. The transcripts were reviewed for accuracy, coded for themes, and examined by utilizing thematic analysis. The findings of this study provide insight on Latinas’ perspective and experiences with postpartum depression and sets a foundation for further research. In addition, it sets a foundation to improve the ways postpartum depression is addressed in health care and throughout communities, and ultimately leading to a rise in mental health service seeking.

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