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Master of Social Work


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Cory Dennis


These days most everyone can say that they know someone who has been impacted by substance abuse and today’s society is very familiar with the fact that it can wreak havoc on families. There has been a significant amount of research devoted to finding not only the best practices to treat families who are impacted by the disease of addiction but there has also been a great deal of attention focused on the adult perspective on these services once they have been received. Where the research is definitely lacking is how the children involved with the services perceive their own involvement. How are their lives impacted by being involved in treatment with their caretaker? The children seem to be the forgotten voices in this scenario.

This study focuses on the adult/child perspective of children who have experienced at least one residential treatment episode with their mothers. The sample came from a long-term residential drug treatment facility that is primary focused on treating families impacted by substance abuse. These adult children experienced treatment with their mothers before they were 12 years old. They will share their perspectives on this experience.