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Master of Science in Computer Science


School of Computer Science and Engineering

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Turner, David


Recent technologies have made it increasingly easier for independent developers to build and deploy gaming applications for mobile devices. The focus of this master's project is to investigate one such set of technologies, which include Adobe AIR, Starling and Feathers, that allow games to be written in ActionScript and run on both Android and iOS devices. For this purpose, I chose to use these technologies to design and implement the game ANTics proposed by Whim Independent Studios, a start up game studio in San Bernardino. ANTics is written in ActionScript and runs on Adobe AIR. It can be deployed on a variety of different operating systems including: Android, iOS, OS X and Windows. I will discuss in this project report the game design requirements and how I chose to implement them. This will include system architecture and core functionality such as user interface, game screens, asset management, AI, particle systems, and other gameplay mechanics. I will also discuss the development tools that were used to create the software components of the game.