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Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology


Information and Decision Sciences

First Reader/Committee Chair

Dr. Nasrin Mohabbati


Maintaining the integrity of data within the supply chain is a challenge. Many current implementations lack a capability to provide a trustworthy system for the stakeholders in a supply chain, making communication amongst stakeholders easy but unreliable. Organizations are considering blockchain technology as it provides access control, immutability, transparency and trust amongst the stakeholders in a supply chain. This project is an investigative study on the benefits and challenges of implementing blockchain technology in supply chain management, a framework for integration of blockchain technology, and a project prototype which shows a blockchain use case implementation in supply chain management. The research was based on questions addressing the issues of supply chain disruptions, disruption consequences, and ways blockchain technology can help, while showing the challenges in the blockchain technology. The use cases show the implementation of blockchain technology, the benefits of the implementation framework, and a prototype application. Based on the conclusions from the results of the case studies, this study provides a recommendation for organizations willing to implement blockchain technology in their supply chains. The areas for further research identified in this project include: building a prototype to ensure data integrity amongst stakeholders in a blockchain; contrasting the advantages and disadvantages of blockchain technology; showcasing the implementation of blockchain technology in various industries through case studies; establishing a framework for an organization to get them started on blockchain technology .