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Master of Arts in Theatre Arts


Theatre Arts

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Perry, Margaret


The purpose of this project was to broaden my skill set and responsibilities within a well-established theatre company by transitioning from performer to director. I would accomplish this goal by using my extensive knowledge of the inner-workings of the Redlands Theatre Festival, while applying my own set of techniques, philosophies, and judgments.

The project was based around the Redlands Theatre Festival’s (RTF) production of The Hot L Baltimore, written by Lanford Wilson, performed by resident actors and the acting company of RTF. I was given the opportunity to direct the play under the supervision of the Artistic Producing Director and founder of the then 40-year-old theatre company.

The assignment had one main component: directing a successful production in an already-established company of experienced theatre artists. This main task was riddled with myriad complications in its production methodology.

Contributing factors to the success of this project included thorough research of the period and material, a strong background in acting, creativity and the willing suspension of disbelief amongst performers and audience, trial and error, and the drive to share my passion of theatre. Many opinions and critiques were available upon the opening of the production and I am confident that this project was a success, in many ways. The play was well-received by audiences, as well as a positive and educational experience for the performers.

Upon the completion of the project, I have a deeper understanding of the specialized techniques that are required, and necessary, for me to amass future successes in similar endeavors with the Redlands Theatre Festival.