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Master of Arts in Criminal Justice


Criminal Justice

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Schoepfer, Andrea

Second Advisor

Schram, Pamela

Third Advisor

Tibbetts, Stephen


The purpose of this research paper is to look at the occupational setting within America and determine the cause of workplace shootings, how workplace violence is defined, what workplace shootings are more susceptible to workplace violence, which conditions of the work setting predisposes workplace violence, how often does workplace violence occur, identifying warning signs that leads to murderous outbursts, and what are the causes of such heinous acts. A content analysis has been conducted to determine how adult employee's perception of mistreatment and unfairness by co-workers within a professional setting affects their attitudes and behavior. 50 case studies involving random men and women over the age of eighteen were collected through the library database ProQuest Newsstand in the attempt to examine the ability of the General Strain theory to predict the seriousness, and the different types of strains outlined in Robert Agnew's General Strain Theory.