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Pastor Anthony W. Green and Bishop Dr. Jackie Green discuss their long leadership in Second Baptist Church of Redlands. They both grew up in black dominated communities and experienced a culture shock when they came to Redlands, CA in 1983. They were disappointed to see the lack of black people in Redlands and wanted there to be black role models for their children in education and law enforcement. The Green’s were able to create a sense of community for Black people in Redlands through the Second Baptist church, where Anthony served as a pastor. Second Baptist was the first African American church in Redlands and one of the oldest in the Inland Empire. The Greens spearheaded many of the church’s partnerships with local community organizations such as the University of Redlands Black Student Union, Unity in the Community, and other Black churches in the Inland Empire. While they admit that Redlands still has a long way to go in diversifying the city, they are committed to building community relationships with law enforcement and local government officials and have already made significant progress. Pastor and Bishop Green remain active in the church today and continue to advocate for the black community.


Interview conducted by Natalie Carlson.