Journal of Critical Issues in Educational Practice


Betrayals in Academia; Race and ethnicity


The poem is about my PhD experience. The title and parts of the themes are derived from an incident in the Bible (Acts 19:13-20). In order to provide a deeper meaning to my story, I have deployed a biblical allusion which connects with the story of the sons of Sceva, who made unsuccessful attempts to exorcise a man from Ephesus. They failed primarily because they operated not in the spirit but in the flesh.

Author Statement

Suleman Lazarus, (a black Austrian, West African background), is a UK based qualitative sociologist. While he is interested in the cultural aspects of cyber-crime, his recent peer-reviewed publications, for example, have examined the ways Nigerian cyber-fraudsters are represented in hip-hop music (published in CCJLS). Beyond his research endeavours in social science, he is also a poet.