Wisdom in Education


biography, math teacher, dean, college of education, educational leadership, bandleader, interview


This is an interview that took place between Dr. Lorraine Hedtke and Dr. Jay Fiene, Dean of The College of Education at CSUSB, to explore the trajectory of his professional career. What was unearthed were intersecting themes between being a math teacher, a band leader, a professor in higher education and a college dean. All speak to similar values of caring and justice that drive Dr. Fiene to make a difference in communities where he has been involved.

Author Statement

As a professor of counseling in the College of Education, I am interested in the stories we draw upon to give meaning to our lives. These stories become acts of politics that offer substantive platforms to inform our work, but even more, can become moments of inspiration for others. My hopes in speaking with Dean Fiene were to find the stories that serve this calling for him and for those who might be interested in a career in education.