Journal of Critical Issues in Educational Practice


Teaching Performance Assessment, CalTPA, Teacher Education, Critical Race Theory, Professional Development


Performance assessments of teachers and/or teaching (TPA) are becoming part of the educational accountability landscape on an international scale. This article presents insight into the process three teacher educators have followed as their research evolves from a critical document analysis into a collaborative self-study of their programs and practices. The work is framed by critical race theory and guided by practices undertaken in becoming critically reflective educators. This piece represents the conversations and connections to research around the critical need for educators to examine bias-based assumptions and internalized deficit-thinking. The tools we have developed for our next steps into collaborative self-study will be presented as useful for any teacher education program or faculty who wish to embark upon a similar journey for research, professional growth, or in pursuit of equitable and socially just practices.

Author Statement

We represent three diverse universities within a large state university system in the United States. Our research areas are diverse, but all intersect in our commitments to social justice, equity, and emancipatory educational practices for supporting TK-12 students in public education.