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This assignment will introduce Kinesiology students that are just entering the Physical Education/Adapted Physical Education (PEAPE) concentration, currently Pedagogy, to ePortfolios. KINE 254: Field Study should be one of the first courses that students take when entering the program. The idea is that students will begin to work on their portfolio in KINE 254 and continue to expand on it throughout the program. Students in our exit course KINE 490: Senior Seminar should have a robust ePortfolio that they can take with them in to the credential program and beyond. It is our goal that this ePortfolio will assist them in landing a physical education position. The creation and editing of an ePortfolio throughout the program will allow several professors to view and provide feedback to make this living document a valuable ally throughout the program and beyond.

Guided by our department's PLOs, this assignment will also ask students to create a Teaching Philosophy Statement that will be uploaded to the ePortfolio. This is one of many documents that we will ask students to upload during their undergrad experience. The statement will be edited in our KINE 490 class (think Pre/Post) to encourage students to recognize their growth as a future physical educator. In KINE 254, students will be asked to reflect on the ePortfolio's usefulness. It is a desire of this class that students also consider through this assignment what their beliefs about PE and perhaps what they don't know yet. This will hopefully encourage them to continue to update the ePortfolio as their knowledge and skills increase to create a robust and high quality portfolio.