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Course Outline / Syllabus

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Winter 1-26-2020




The writing workshop led the faculty to learn how to prepare and teach writing courses. Through the reviewing and discussing the articles about college students' writing with other faculty members from different departments, more knowledge of significant problems among students' writing classes and successful strategies for teaching the writing were achieved. Furthermore the achieved knowledge was utilized into successfully developing and revising writing courses and writing assignments. One of the workshop activities was to revise a syllabus for writing courses and writing assignments. Population health assessment was revised by using the knowledge and the colleagues' comments. This course is to assess target population's health problems for community health. It included a writing assignment which was the final big paper. In order to assist students' writing skills each writing topics for the final paper were revised. The clear description of the writing topics was also added for the students. The effective strategies for the final paper was also developed. For example, weekly discussion topics on Backboard will be used for the writing assignment. Each student will get weekly online discussion to clarify the writing topics and to practice the writing little by little. Therefore students will get an opportunity to discuss the writing topics and receive faculty feedback for the writing each week. The persistent faculty and student relationships are essential and critical to improve students' writing skills. The rubric for the wiring assignment was also revised based on the colleagues' comments. In particular the revision of the grading score and description of evaluation categories were performed.

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