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Lesson/Unit Plans and Activities

Publication Date

Winter 1-30-2020


Teacher Education & Foundations


This unit plan describes expectations for a unit plan that serves as the cumulative performance assessment for the ESEC 506-E course that single-subject-teacher-candidates in English Teaching Methods Course. In small groups, clustered by the grade level they will be teaching, create a six-week unit plan that incorporates multiple learning standards, assessment practices, and texts grounded by an overarching question(s). This assignment mimics expectations and dispositions that in-service teachers demonstrate daily. The unit must define the academic focus—the big learning expectation that will be assessed summatively—by identifying the learning sequence and formative checkpoints so that learners are “ready” to demonstrate their learning on the end of the unit summative assessment. For each sequence or step within the unit, the learning activities, specific resources, assessment practices and accompanying rubrics, and the context and texture texts that support the anchor text must be identified. Students have 15-20 minutes to present their unit to the class.