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Criminal Justice


Pursuant to the university’s mission to enhance pedagogy for the upcoming Q2S transition, I decided to enroll in the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) program to pursue a Certificate in Effective Teaching Practices. This program was offered through the Teaching Resource Center and entailed 25 online modules of 50-75 hours of online coursework. The program requires participants to implement lessons from the modules in the classroom, reflect upon the successes and challenges of implementation, and outline plans for future refinement.

Participation in the course focused on five content areas: Designing an Effective Course and Class, Establishing a Productive Classroom Environment, Using Active Learning Techniques, Promoting Higher Order Thinking, and Assessing to Inform Instruction and Promote Learning. My submission contains a reflection of the three most useful modules in the ACUE course (specifically the modules concerning Embracing Diversity in the Classroom, Creating Learning Objectives and Aligning Assessments, and Motivating Students). Completing these modules should play a crucial role in the way I plan courses in the future and advance my efforts to increase student retention at CSUSB.

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