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Spring 4-23-2020




Reflections on Effective Teaching Practice Modules from ACUE

After completing the course in effective teaching practiced offered by the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) I provide a set of reflections on several of the techniques that I learned about and implemented in my courses.

The course consists of twenty-five modules covering topics such as course design, establishment of a productive learning environment, incorporation of active learning and fostering critical thinking skills -- all leading to enhanced success on the part of students.

Delivered in partnership with the Teaching Resource Center (TRC) at CSUSB, the ACUE course includes evidence-based practices that enrich the classroom experience for both instructors and students and leads to a nationally recognized certificate in teaching effectiveness.

Each module features an introduction, activities, assignments and discussion along with a ‘graded’ reflection. I chose to include my reflections on the modules involving active learning in large classes (3B), delivering effective lectures (3C) and planning effective class discussions (3D) as I found these to be the most useful in refining my own courses.