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World Languages and Literatures


Project-based Learning for Span 316E

For this course, I developed project-based learning starting with an open-ended question: Are Spanish language skills and cultural knowledge important for First Responders, Law Enforcement, and Prison Personnel to interact successfully with the Latino Population in Southern California? The discussion then led to the identification of important areas of knowledge (linguistic and cultural) for practitioners in Criminal Justice who engage with the Latino Population. Discussions relied on students’ everyday experiences and personal experiences. Moreover, examples from TV and Cinema were used. Students were then asked to identify a topic of interest and were, based on their topic, placed in groups. The project was completed in four steps with different kinds of end-products (selected by each group). End-products included pamphlets, websites, youtube videos, and other forms of presentation. Space for self-reflection and self-critique, as well as peer review, was also provided. Rubrics were developed through class discussions.


Some materials are in English, some in Spanish