2018 Best Oral Presenters


Presenter(s): McKenzie Gamble and Kathleen Sanchez
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amanda Rymal
Department: Kinesiology
Title: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of the Functions of Observational Learning with Disability Sports Participants

Presenter(s): Gurnoor Kaur, Vianey Zavala, and Alex Vasquez
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nicole BourniasVardiabasis
Department: Biology
Title: Effects of low dose methamphetamine in a Drosophila melanogaster model of traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Presenter(s): Graciela Troche
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mihaela Popescu
Department: Communication Studies
Title: Digital Literacy Divides: Impact of Social Determinants on College Students' Digital Behaviors

Presenter(s): Raquel Elias
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Becky Talyn
Department: Biology
Title: Drosophila melanogasters Developmental Dietary Behavior with Round-up Based Sucrose


Presenter(s): Andy Acosta
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ahlam Muhtaseb
Department: Communication Studies
Title: The Hip-Hop Pedagogy

Presenter(s): Bryan Castillo
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sally McGill
Department: Geology
Title: Preliminary ages of prehistoric earthquakes on the Banning Strand of the San Andreas Fault, near North Palm Springs, California

Presenter(s): Sam Worral
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christina Hassija
Department: Psychology
Title: Development of the Client Treatment Orientation Scale

Presenter(s): Victoria Luckner
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Julie Taylor
Department: Communication Studies
Title: Don't Dream Too Big: An Ideological Criticism of Feminism in Disney's Be a Champion Commercial

Presenter(s): Janae Koger
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Donna Garcia
Department: Psychology
Title: Advancing CSUSB

Presenter(s): Gia Macias
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hideya Koshino
Department: Psychology
Title: Interactions between anxiety and emotional attention

Presenter(s): Qi Guo, Tong Feng, and Lu Jia
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eun-Ok Baek
Department: Instructional Technology
Title: The Effect of Mobile Application for TOEFL Pronunciation and Speaking Learners and two other research

2018 Best Poster Presenters


Presenter(s): Manuel Arredondo
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kelly Dortch
Department: Liberal Studies
Title: Music and the Developing Mind

Presenter(s): Kristen Morrish
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Victoria Seitz
Department: Business Administration
Title: Isolation Unit Market Research

Presenter(s): Jeniree Martinez
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Priyanka Yalamanchili
Department: Special Education
Title: Curriculum Development for Transition Age Youth Program at University Center for Developmental Disabilities

Presenter(s): Miranda Reid
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nicole Dabbs
Department: Kinesiology
Title: The effects of motorized vs. nonmotorized treadmill on voluntary oxygen consumption, heart rate and rate of perceived exertion in collegiate crosscountry females: A preliminary analysis

Presenter(s): Yvette Diaz
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Karen Robinson
Department: Sociology
Title: The sexual double standard: differences in the correlates of sexual frequency for man and women


Presenter(s): Sean Maulding
Faculty Mentor: N/A
Department: Communication Studies
Title: Trans representation in the U.S. media: Using Clark's evolutionary stages of minorities in the mass media

Presenter(s): Maulik Ankolia
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Breena Coates
Department: Business Administration
Title: Influencing Pro-Environment Behavior at CSU SB: Its Challenges

Presenter(s): Fernando Villalpando and Maria Domingo
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nancy Acevedo-Gil
Department: Educational Leadership
Title: Bridging the Path to Higher Education for Undocumented Students

Presenter(s): Joshua Dimapilis
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeremy Dodsworth
Department: Biology
Title: Characterization of the Nitrogen-fixing, Hyperthermophilic Methanogen Methanocaldococcus strain FS406-22

Presenter(s): Britney Boyd and Citalik Ibarra
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gisela Bichler
Department: Criminal Justice
Title: The Quest for Entity Resolution