Award Winners 2017

Undergraduate Oral

Presenter(s): Mary Elizabeth Bucayu and Fatimah Safari
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Marc Fudge
Department: Accounting and Finance
Title: What Have California Cities Learned because of the Great Recession? The Impact of the Local Option Sales Tax on Rainy Day Stabilization Funds

Graduate Oral

Presenter(s); Zachary Harmony and Israel Garcia
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cynthia Crawford
Department: Psychology
Title: Effects of Nicotine Exposure on Methamphetamine Oral Self-Administration, Extinction, and Reinstatement in Adolescent Rats

Undergraduate Poster

Presenter(s): David Sanchez
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cynthia Crawford
Department: Bio-Psychology
Title: Role of NPY on cannabinoid-induced anxiety-like behavior

Graduate Poster

Presenter(s): Sailesh Maharjan
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Lewin
Department: Clinical Psychology
Title: Is the Relationship between Trait Mindfulness and Psychological Outcomes Indirect?