5th Annual Meeting of the Minds Student Research Symposium Awards

Best Graduate Poster Presentations

1st Place Winner: Teresa Ubina (Dell Laptop and $250)
Title: Developmental Toxicity Testing of E-Cigarettes Using Drosophila melanogaster Embryonic Stem Cells
Faculty Mentor:

2nd Place Winners: Krista Rudberg, Andrea Moran, & Jessica Razo ($250)
Title: Dopamine Receptor Inactivation in the Caudateputamen and Nucleus Accumbens Differentially Affects the Locomotor Activity of Young Rats
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sanders McDougall

Best Undergraduate Poster Presentations

1st Place Winner: Christina Jap (Dell Laptop and $250)
Title: Modification of Croconic Acid Structure
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Renwu Zhang

2nd Place Winners: Zakkary Hudson and Channing Toomey ($250)
Title: Development of an In Vitro Protocol for Drosophila Melanogaster Midgut Cells
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nicole Bournias-Vardibasis

Best Graduate Oral Presentations

1st Place Winner: Francisca Ramirez (Dell Laptop and $250)
Title: Altered Sensitivity to the Rewarding Properties of Cocaine in Adult Female c57bl/6 Mice Exposed to Fluoxetine during Adolescence
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sergio Iniguez

2nd Place Winners: Ryan Radmall ($250)
Title: Measuring Metacognition: A Comparative Validity Study of the Learning Strategies and Self-Awareness Assessment
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Janet Kottke

Best Undergraduate Oral Presentations

1st Place Winner: Janhavi Dhargalkar (Dell Laptop and $250)
Title: Effects of Repeated SSRI Treatment on BDNF and TrkB Receptors in Adolescent Rats
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cynthia Crawford

2nd Place Winners: Israel Garcia ($250)
Title: Ketamine Exposure during Adolescence Increases Sensitivity to Cocaine in Adulthood
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sergio Iniguez