California State University, San Bernardino
The Office of Student Research
& The Office of Graduate Studies

2nd Annual Student Research Symposium
& 27th Annual CSUSB Student Research Competition
February 27, 2013

Presented By

Dr. Francisca Beer
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

Sponsored By

Associated Students Incorporated
The Student Success Fee

Advisory Board

Dr. Jennifer Anderson
Dr. Kelly Campbell
Dr. Kimberley Cousins
Dr. Marita Mahoney
Dr. Kristie Ogilvie


Danielle White
Lin Cong
Paul Roque
Shan-Ju Ho
Yao Tong
Hong Zhang
Weihua Li
Ginger Chang
Joway Chen
Yang Liu
Wei Yang
Ke Chen
Xinyu Li
Chu Zhang
Yang Wei
Dameon Wilkes
Bryant Taylor
Alanna Criswell
LaTecia Yarbrough
Jon Higgins
Amber Ross
Ashlee Burton