History in the Making

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May 4, 1970, marks a day in American history when the protests of the Vietnam War and the government of the United States erupted in violence. It was on this date that Ohio State National Guardsmen fired into a crowd of unarmed student protestors on the campus of Kent State University. In the span of thirteen seconds, nine students were wounded and four lay dead. The shootings sent waves of emotion throughout the country. In the decades following the May 4th shootings, a series of memorials have been created in remembrance of the tragedy. Through the use of oral histories, this project looks to create a cohesive look at the event itself and the memorialization process that has taken place on the campus. By examining the continuing evolution of the Kent State memorials, a better understanding can be made of how best to develop a space that can become not only a remembrance of an event but also a direct connection to lives of those involved.