History in the Making

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This report hopes to answer the question, how and why one of the most powerful and long lasting Native American Confederacy collapsed during the Revolutionary War? This paper investigates how the economy, diplomatic disunification, and the deterioration of traditional religious beliefs through Christianity caused the Iroquois Confederacy to crumble. Although many others have attempted to answer this question, this research is different in that it relies heavily upon both historical and anthropological sources providing it with a unique interdisciplinary perspective. Furthermore, the specific context of this paper is also distinctive and is supported by primary and secondary sources. The narrow focus, the specific areas, and examples listed above are also independent. However, this is only one report and it is not nearly extensive enough to fully encompass every aspect of the Iroquois Confederacy. This report highlights the main factors that led to the collapse, but there are many other different or sub factors that caused change within the tribes, such as the introduction of alcohol and guns into the confederacy.