Featured Publications

Bulletin of Courses (Course Catalog) (Archives – California State University San Bernardino)

Past catalogs, dating back to the first catalog issued by the university, are archived here. For the most recent catalog, please check the Current CSUSB Bulletin of Courses web site.

Coyote Chronicle (Archives – California State University San Bernardino)

California State University San Bernardino has had a campus newspaper from the beginning, the name of that newspaper has changed over time. Communique was the first newspaper of the student body (November 9, 1965-Oct. 21, 1966). It was followed by Pawprint (May 9, 1967-November 23, 1983) and the Cal State Chronicle which began on January 12, 1984. The name appearing on the masthead of the Cal State Chronicle has been inconsistent, at times appearing as the CSUSB Chronicle and the Coyote Chronicle. This later name has been used most frequently in recent years. The Coyote Chronicle continues to this day.

Other newsletters, sent out to faculty and administrators have included the CSCSB [California State College San Bernardino] Bulletin (sometimes called the Friday Bulletin or simply The Bulletin) which was published from January 1966 –February 2000.

California State University San Bernardino Special Collections and Archives is in the process of digitizing these publications.

Journal of International Technology and Information Management

ISSN 1941-6679

Journal of International Technology and Information Management is the official journal of the International Information Management Association.

Open Educational Resources

These Open Educational Resources have been produced by CSUSB faculty and are available for all interested instructors to use.

Theses Digitization Project (John M. Pfau Library)

The John M. Pfau Library is at work on a project to digitize its collection of CSUSB Master's Theses, Master's Projects, and Doctoral Dissertations. Prior to 2014, the theses were available only in hard copy. Starting in 2014, all theses, projects, and dissertations were produced in digital versions only. View theses 2014-present here.

Initial funding for the digitization project was provided by a grant from CSUSB's Vital and Expanded Technologies Initiative, which allocates designated funds from the Student Success Initiative fee. We thank the VETI committee for supporting this project to showcase the intellectual endeavors of CSUSB graduates.

Beginning January 2017, digitized theses will be posted here as they become available. We will digitize the oldest theses first. The files will be scanned with OCR to make the text accessible to users with visual disabilities and will receive basic structural markup to make them friendly to screen-readers. For privacy, advisors’ signatures will be redacted before the files are posted.

In keeping with ScholarWorks' mission as an open access repository, all files will be freely available. Based on our interpretation of the HathiTrust and Google Books copyright cases, the library considers that digitizing and indexing texts for accessibility constitutes a fair use, and for that reason we will not be seeking copyright permission from each individual author.

Opting Out or Requesting Quick Digitization

If you are the author of a CSUSB thesis and do not want the full text of your work posted in ScholarWorks, please notify us via the Digitization Project Request Form. Alternatively, if you would like your thesis digitized as soon as possible, please use the request form to let us know that too! All such requests will be honored, but must come from the author of the work.

Because current theses/projects in Creative Writing are not posted in ScholarWorks, the digitization project will not post past Creative Writing theses without the author’s express permission.

If you have any questions, please contact project coordinator Stacy Magedanz, magedanz@csusb.edu or (909) 537-5103.