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Master of Science in Computer Science


School of Computer Science and Engineering

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Concepcion, Arturo


Bubble-In is a cloud-based test-taking system build for students and teachers. The Bubble-In system is a test-taking application that interfaces with a cloud server. The mobile applications have been built for Android and Apple devices and the webserver is hosted on Digital Ocean VPS run with Nginx. The Bubble-In application is equipped with anti-cheating mechanisms such as question-answer key scrambling, not allowing screenshots, screen recording, or leaving the application. The tests students take are sent to the webserver to be graded and have statistics calculated and displayed in easy to use format for the test creator. Instructors can use the webserver to create exams or modify existing exams. This application was developed in Android Studio and XCode. These features were built using Java, Swift, Obj-C, PHP, HTTP requests, and MySQL. The application interacts with the database through the Nginx web server.