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Master of Business Administration


College of Business and Public Administration

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Dr. Conrad Shayo


The development of technology has made the world a smaller place where communicating instantaneously irrespective of the geographical location is a way of life. Electronic Forms (E-FORMS) are an easy way to communicate efficiently with students. At present, universities are still using old systems for communication where efforts to improve the system is a lethargic process. As most of these universities are still using student forms manually, the introduction of E-FORMS will speed up the whole process and positively impact in communicating efficiency. In addition, the inconvenience of making numerous visits to the university is sometimes seen as a hassle but due to lack of Information Technology (IT) development in universities, this is the usual pattern still seen at most universities. In this study, the use of E-FORMS at universities is proposed to help students and university staff to communicate effectively and efficiently. As it is still a fairly new concept, the study proposes the many features involved in E-FORMS communication. The Researcher has chosen California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) to do this study. This study consists of the detailed design of the proposed E-FORMS Application System at CSUSB. The design provides a more efficient and supportive system that is easy to use while maintaining student privacy and flexibility. The solution is designed taking into consideration the use of PeopleSoft Enterprise. This proposed system upgrades the existing CSUSB form management system. It is a step forward to a more efficient and the operative system.