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Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology


Information and Decision Sciences

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Becerra, Benjamin


Opioids have become a popular way of pain management treatment over the past decades and although they have proven to be very successful to treat pain, they require serious attention as they have become the cause of addiction and overdose deaths. Opioid overdose costs the US government $78.5 billion each year. This project exhibits the background on opioids, the different types of opioids and their role in the addiction and overdose epidemic. The objective behind this project was to demonstrate what kind of people are more vulnerable to addiction and overdose.

This project shows the statistics of opioid overdose deaths in the United States which analyze a detailed comparison of the deaths caused by opioid overdose in various states, within certain age groups, ethnicity, and the types of opioids causing these issues using Tableau and IBM Cognos. It also involves what types of providers produce most of the opioid prescriptions.

West Virginia has highest death rate caused by overdose in the United States. Males and age group of 24 to 35 are more prompt to have addiction problem and the death rate is high in almost all the states. The white community also have high death rate in most of the states.

This paper also provides information on what systems are already in place to minimize the addiction and overdose problem and what is still needed to be done. Foremost, it will give an overview of what future work can be done in this field to reduce the addiction and overdose occurrences. Implementation of future work provides the basic framework of the system needed to accommodate the needs of patients and providers. This can potentially help the government to reduce the cost of drug abuse treatment and will also assist patients to get a better understanding of opioid treatment.