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Master of Social Work


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Cory Dennis


The purpose of this study was to determine the service needs being met and the needs not being met as perceived by the chronically homeless who call the park their home. The authors thought this an important study to examine to better understand the service needs of the homeless. The study used a qualitative design for collecting data which involved face-to-face interviews with ten of the homeless people at the park. Four primary themes, three of which had two subthemes each, were identified through a thematic analysis. The primary theme of mistrust of services had subthemes of safety and restrictions and ineffective services. The primary theme of services needed was subdivided into problem identified and potential solutions. The families theme contained subthemes fractured families and park community as family. The theme of hopelessness did not have any subthemes. It was concluded that research should continue in this field and funding should be used to focus on providing services as specified through these themes.

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