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Master of Arts in Child Development



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Kamptner, Laura


Neuroscience research over the last 20 years continues to show the profound effect of early caregiving quality on children’s early development and school readiness. Moreover, research studies on the critical role of parenting on subsequent development suggest there are four key factors that significantly impact children’s overall developmental outcome: early brain development, parental caregiving styles (i.e., attachment style and Baumrind’s research), discipline practices (i.e., punishment vs. positive guidance), and early enrichment experiences. The purpose of this project was to create a four-session workshop to increase parents’ knowledge about these key factors and provide them with a variety of activities to engage with their child at home that support each of the key factors. Pre- post-workshop assessment scores showed an increase in participants’ knowledge about each of the key parenting factors, the impact of them on their child’s early development and school readiness, and ways to support their child’s optimal development and later life outcomes. Because this workshop would be beneficial for anyone who works with or provides care for young children, the results are discussed in terms of extending or modifying future classes to create an inclusive program to also educate teachers and other professionals who work with young children in the surrounding area.