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Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership



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Angela Louque



The purpose of this study was to assess inclusive practices in Head Start preschool classrooms. In 1972, Public Law PL 94-242 mandated Head Start enrollment to include 10% of students with disabilities (Allen & Cowdery, 2009). Research on assessment of inclusive practices within Head Start preschool classrooms is limited (Gallagher & Lambert, 2006; Muccio, 2012).

This study implemented a quantitative, descriptive design approach. Correlational analysis was conducted to explore answers to the research questions according to access, participation, and supports constructs (DEC/NAEYC, 2009). An Inclusion Crosswalk model was introduced. Data revealed that the underlying factor structure of the ICP, SSPI, and CA-QRIS are made up of access, participation, and supports: Items of the ICP correlated with access and participation, items of the SSPI correlated with access, participation, and supports, and items of the CA-QRIS correlated only with supports. There were moderate to strong correlations between the ICP and the SSPI for access, participation, and supports. The results supported the Inclusion Crosswalk model.

The findings of the study recommend the assessment of inclusive practices according to access, participation, and supports, professional development for teachers to provide inclusive practices, and the CA-QRIS is revised to include an assessment of inclusive practices.