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Master of Science in Special Education



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Dr. Jemma Kim


Only 27% of U.S. eighth graders are at or above grade level proficiency in writing (National Center for Education Statistics, 2012). Students with specific learning disabilities frequently exhibit skill deficits in planning, organizing, and writing conventions, and show inadequate awareness to write strategically (Troia, 2006). The purpose of this study is to examine evidence-based writing interventions aimed at enhancing the writing skills of students with specific learning disabilities and then to indicate which interventions were proven to be effective. The results of a variety of studies of writing intervention strategies have been reviewed. Specific instructional strategies that were successful in this study were, direct instruction, motivational interventions, and self-regulated strategies. These instructional strategies/writing interventions enhanced various components of written expression for students with SLDs. A total of 15 studies that implemented a writing intervention for school-aged students with SLD were reviewed. Direct instruction, motivational interventions, and self-regulation strategies improved various components of written expression for students with SLDs.