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Master of Social Work


School of Social Work

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Lanesskog, Deirdre


This study examined the different types of self-care strategies that Master of Social Work students practice. This study used the National Alliance on Mental Illness Self-Care Inventory, a survey which asks participants about commonly used methods of self-care. Engaging in self-care can bring better understanding and insights on how to prevent the signs of stress while also increasing an individual’s ability to regulate their emotional needs. All MSW students at the California university were invited to participate in the study. The surveys were administered via Qualtrics online survey software to the 68 part-time and o-time MSW students who agreed to participate in the study. However, 52 participants completed the survey. Overall, the social work students in this sample indicated high levels of self-care practice within the five domains of self-care: physical self-care, psychological self-care, emotional self-care, spiritual self-care, and workplace/professional self-care. This finding suggests that the MSW student participants in this study seemed to recognize the importance of self-care practice as MSW students. The study’s implications for social work research, practice, and education are discussed.

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