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Master of Arts in Social Sciences and Globalization


Social Sciences

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Velasquez, Teresa


This project analyzes the navigation of social experiences of Undocumented and Queer individuals amidst broad anti-queer and anti-immigration sentiment prevalent throughout American society. To achieve this goal, this project seeks to resolve three questions. First, what are the social services that Undocuqueer and Undocumented adults need? Second, are their needs fundamentally distinct? Finally, to what extent have they been able to access those services? Crenshaw’s (1994) theory of intersectionality will serve as the overarching theoretical framework of this project, in order to better understand the multifaceted marginalization that Undocumented and Undocuqueer individuals face with everyday institutions.

In this research, I utilized activist research methods. I obtained the full support of a undocumented student center at a university in Southern California and worked with the center to obtain participants for my research. In addition to its scholarly contribution to the fields of undocumented and Undocuqueer studies, the findings of this project will serve as a resource for the undocumented student center to improve its services for the student body. I interviewed a total of seventeen individuals drawn from both the Undocuqueer and undocumented populations. To facilitate my research, the center allowed me to place flyers in their center and the majority of my participants were frequent visitors to the center. Out of my 17 participants, one was the coordinator of the undocumented student center; 3 identified themselves as Undocuqueer; and, 13 identified themselves as undocumented students.