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Master of Social Work


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Chang, Janet


The following research study aimed to discover the relationships and contributions that parent partners have in the reunification process of parents and children within the child welfare system. The study utilized a quantitative secondary data analysis design and the data were obtained from a Southern California Children and Family Services agency within the CWS/CMS database, as well as the parent partner database. Data were analyzed through SPSS software and descriptive statistics and inferential statistics were conducted to describe and assess the variables of interest. A total of 296 participants were used in the study and the majority of parents (73%) had an open case due to multiple allegations.

The study found that there existed a statistically significant relationship between the utilization of the parent partner service and the likelihood of reunification. Furthermore, the study also revealed that as the number of contacts between a parent and a parent partner increased, the more likely the parent was to accomplish his/her goals. The study found that, specifically, during their open case, as 60% of parents reunified when they met 11 to 20 times with their parent partner. This study suggests that it would be a beneficial resource for child welfare agencies to incorporate the parent partner program as part of their practice. Furthermore, the agencies and counties that have already implemented the parent partner program may encourage their social workers to continuously recommend a parent partner for their clients. The research study would benefit from further research to assess the types of interactions parents and parent partners have during contacts.

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