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Master of Social Work


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Herbert Shon


Patients receiving dialysis treatment experience immense changes in their health and well-being, therefore receiving adequate social support services is an integral aspect of their care plan. Thus, the purpose of this study was to gain an understanding about social support services offered by social workers to patients receiving dialysis care. Furthermore, this study sought to develop awareness about additional services need to assist social workers in providing social, emotional, and physical support to patients. This qualitative study used data from a non-probability snowball sample of 10 social workers that work with patients receiving dialysis care. Findings of this study are significant to social work practice as the analysis provided insight that may enhance current practices in dialysis centers. Furthermore, the qualitative analyses gathered through the one-on-one interviews led to the emergence of seven central themes. Themes anticipated by the researchers included the perception about the ability to provide social, emotional, and physical support, as well as to highlight the role of social workers in this healthcare setting. Additional themes identified during this study focused on reasons for patients lacking social support, the scarcity of resources, and recommendations corroborated with first-hand experiences in the field to better serve patients. Recommendations included increased focus on providing therapeutic services within dialysis, additional transportation options for patients, and greater availability of resources to meet the various needs of patients.

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