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The purpose of study was to explore the various coping mechanisms used by single mothers who are pursuing higher education. Furthermore, this study examined the various relationships, personal and financial needs the mothers face. This study also explored the interpersonal relationships that exist for single mothers raising their children in the U.S. while facing financial burdens, lack of resources and childcare dilemmas. This study utilized a qualitative design. Data was collected through face-to-face interviews. The data collected from this study will allow for social workers to provide services in order to ensure single mother attending college are utilizing effective coping mechanisms. Furthermore, it will assist social workers and other professional with addressing the needs that single mothers face while trying to get their education and provide for their children simultaneously. It is recommended that colleges and other social service agencies could offer more programs to help assist single mothers with accomplishing their goals. The common themes that were found through this study are: childcare, time management, financial concerns, and support systems. Additionally, themes of coping both adaptive and maladaptive were also recognizable in this study.

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