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Master of Social Work


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Dr. James Simon


The purpose of this research project was to identify risk factors for becoming a victim of domestic violence. Demographic and qualitative data were collected through in-person interviews with 8 female survivors of domestic violence from San Bernardino County. These interviews were transcribed verbatim and analyzed to determine risk factors that could lead women to becoming a victim of domestic violence and what helped them get out of their relationships. The use of interviews allowed the researchers to connect with the survivors and gain in-depth information about their experiences.

Using content analysis, the following themes arose: risk factors that involved absent parents/divorced parents, childhood history of sexual and/or physical abuse, not being educated on domestic violence, and growing up in an environment where violence is normalized. The most utilized services were group therapy, individual counseling, and community domestic violence agencies. The researchers found that that participants had similar experiences that could have led them to being in an abusive relationship. Findings imply that the most effective way to minimize the risk of becoming a victim of domestic violence is to educate individuals on healthy relationships and process adverse childhood experiences that have been identified as risk factors for becoming a victim of domestic violence.

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