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Master of Social Work


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Simon, James


This study focused on social work students’ views on the integration of religion in social work. This study allowed students to gain knowledge and insight on the importance of discussing religion with clients. The study examined social worker students’ experiences during their involvement in the social work program which looked into how prepared they were in situations where religion was necessary to discuss with clients and other outcomes.

Qualitative interviews were conducted with ten participants who discussed their experiences in internships during their involvement within the social work program. Participants were in different years in the BASW and MSW program and were from various ethnicity, age, gender, and specializations. Main findings were that participants believed religion plays a huge role in clients’ everyday lives and that the social work program is not teaching students how to discuss religion with clients during their internships. Another finding was that a few social work students were not prepared to discuss clients’ religious practices. Agency employers also discouraged social work students from discussing clients’ religious practice.

This study enhances the social work profession and allow social workers to better service diverse and cultural clients by highlighting the importance of religion in some clients’ lives. The social work profession can improve the quality of service that is given to clients that have a religious practice and can be assessed for appropriate services based on their individual needs. Social work students can learn to integrate this topic into their assessments.

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