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Master of Science in Psychology



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Dr. Mark D. Agars


With a growing interest in sustainability, organizations and researchers have begun to examine pro-environmental behaviors in the workplace (i.e. employee green behaviors). However, general understanding of employee green behaviors is currently limited due to a lack of measurement tools. In this study, a new scale was developed to measure employee green behavior descriptive norms, which are a source of influence on employee green behaviors that develops from observing others’ behaviors. Initial items and expected scale structure for the Employee Green Behavior Descriptive Norms Scale were developed based on the Green Five Taxonomy of employee green behaviors. Items were refined through pilot test data and a retranslation task. Data on the refined scale, the Ethical Leadership Questionnaire, and a Work-Family Culture Scale were used to test scale structure and gather evidence of construct validity. Study results supported the expected scale structure and construct validity of the newly developed scale. A multi-item, validated scale contributes to organizational assessment of employee green behavior descriptive norms and contributes to the scientific literature on employee green behaviors.