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Master of Social Work


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Janet chang


Foster home placement has been gradually decreasing and this study focused on foster parents’ support system and the reasons leading to decertification. Specifically, this study aimed to find out how foster parents felt about the foster agency and other child protective services agencies. This study targeted the foster care system within an agency located in Riverside, California.

The research method used in the study was post positivism, which was a paradigm that allowed flexibility within the study, using qualitative data-gathering methods such as face-to-face interviews in the foster homes. Nine foster parents participated in the study. The results of the study showed that foster parents in the study were satisfied with the agency, but wanted more praise from the social workers and agency. The study also found that the majority of the participants had difficulties with county social workers and therapists. A recommendation for the agency is to bridge the communication gap among other child protective services agencies, agency social workers, and foster parents and continuously put forth efforts to inform the foster parents of foster care changes. Another recommendation is that the agency hold foster parent appreciation events to demonstrate to the foster parents how much they are valued and appreciated.

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